Tree Felling & Removal

Technical Dismantlement

The use of ropes, pulleys and friction devices are necessary to safely bring down large or dangerous trees and trees within small spaces. Limbs or logs will be fastened with the ropes and then cut into small pieces in order to lower them safely within the space available. Using these techniques is very safe and minimises the risk of damage to your property and garden. We’ve also found that clients find it very interesting to watch these operations, especially the kids!

Dead/Dangerous Tree Removal

It is essential that you get professional help when dealing with dead, dangerous and diseased trees. These trees need to be dismantled very carefully as branches and limbs can break away from the main stem without warning not to mention how unstable they can be at the ground level attachment.

Stump Removal

Once a tree has been removed you then have the choice to remove the stump. This is particularly useful when you aim to re-plant in the same position. The stump grinding machine can remove stumps to a depth of 300mm below ground level.