Tree Removal

It may become necessary to remove a tree for a number of reasons. Whether it has become structurally unsound; is causing subsidence; or simply blocks out too much light, we have the expertise to get the job done. Using a variety of techniques, we can safely remove trees of any size even where drop zones or limited.

Technical Dismantlement

This is the most common method of removing trees within urban settings. The tree is accessed by rope and harness and then removed in sections that can be controlled into the available drop zone. Where necessary, this may involve the use of rigging techniques; using a combination of ropes, pulleys and friction devices to lower branches or sections of trunk safely to the ground.

The use of advanced rigging techniques enables us to remove trees in challenging positions and minimises the risk of damage to your property. It has also been noted that rigging makes a fantastic spectator sport so you may well wish to stay home and watch the show.

Tree Felling

Felling means to cut a tree down from ground level. This practice is most common in a forestry setting and is rarely appropriate in an urban environment. If space permits, it can be a cost effective solution however caution must be taken: What looks, to the untrained eye, like a good candidate for felling may well not be. Always follow professional advice; if we say it needs to be climbed, then it probably does.

Dead or Hazardous Tree Removal

If a tree is dead or has become unsafe, it must be removed by a professional arborist. This is the most dangerous area of tree work, and it is essential that such operations are conducted by highly experienced personnel. Due to their complexity, low margin for error and inherent risk, these tasks will always be carried out by the most competent member of our team. At Wildwood Treecare, we have considerable experience dealing with dead and hazardous trees, and can resolve any situation promptly and safely.

Crane Jobs

In some circumstances it may be necessary to use a crane to remove a tree. Whilst this is very rare in the UK, it can be the most effective, or indeed the only solution when there is a very large tree to remove with little to no access or drop zone. We have the skills to carry out this type of job, as well as the experience to know when it is the appropriate course of action

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