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Tree Reduction

Crown Reduction

Reduces the overall size, shape and volume of a tree by careful pruning techniques. Crown reductions are specified as a percentage.

25 – 30% is the standard reduction but we can always tailor your specific needs as appropriate to the trees in question.

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Reducing internal and external crown

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the removal of a proportion of the trees internal and external crown to allow more light and air through the canopy. 10% – 30% is the standard amount to be removed as this allows the tree to maintain a healthy balance. Thinning is particularly appropriate if you want to keep the full size of your tree but allow more light into your house or garden. Your tree may also have a longer life if it is thinned out instead of being reduced as the cuts made are not on the ends of branches and therefore do not cause lasting damage. Whilst crown thinning, deadwood and crossing/rubbing branches will be removed also.

Lower branch removal

Crown Lifting

Removing the lower branches of a tree can be a very effective way to gain more light without compromising the shape. Also by lifting the lower canopy you can give the tree a more favourable appearance and shape.

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Trimming and Pollarding

Hedge Trimming

Using a variety of cutting tools and platforms we can reshape any hedge to your exact requirements.


This is a pruning technique which is carried out every year or two. All small diameter growth is removed allowing the tree to re-shoot. All the new growth is then systematically removed back to the original pruning point as part of an ongoing pruning schedule. Pollarding is very useful where light is needed or the trees are too close to buildings mitigating the possibility of subsidence.


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